FAQ UP BED 2014: How do I know that my application is registered?

 FAQ UP BED 2014 for online registration
1- What should I do, if there is much delay in accessing the page?
Delay in accessing the web page depends on Internet Speed. Since a large number of applicants
simultaneously try to register their applications, it naturally affects the Internet Speed. Therefore, in
case of such delay, please retry after a gap of 15 minutes or try during non peak hours. It is also advised
that candidates should register themselves at the earliest in order to avoid any possibility of not being
2- How do I know that my application is registered?
Registration No. is generated after Successful Registration. Therefore, after registering, click the
SUBMIT button. If registration number is generated, it means that you have been registered.
Otherwise, try again. Please ensure that you are systematically following the prescribed steps/
After successful registration, please preserve your registration No. for your ready reference. In case you
do not preserve it, you will not be able to Re-Print the Application Form.
3- How do I re-confirm that my application is saved?
In case of any doubt regarding successful Registration, you are advised to visit the page for Re-Print of
the Application. Generate the print-out and preserve the soft copy and hard copy (print-out) of the
4- I got Blank / Zero Registration No. after submission of application online?
In rare cases, candidates may get Zero (0) Registration No. In such situations candidates are advised to
Re-Register the Application and check the Printout through Re- Print Application. It is possible that the
candidate is missing some steps/ procedures which may be causing problem in effective registration.
5- If after filling up the complete form, I get Blank Screen/ Internet gets disconnected /My PC
closed/hangs/shuts down, is my application saved /registered?
Please refer to point No. – 4. If you do not get the application printout through Re-Print option, your
application is not saved. Please re-apply..


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